Housing corporation Vivare live with Ctac's Fit4Woco from 1 January 2019

10 janvier 2019,

SaaS solution supports all services – from customer contact centre to back office

's-Hertogenbosch, 10 January 2019 – From 1 January 2019, the housing corporation Vivare will be live with Fit4Woco, the scalable and modular ERP solution for housing corporations from business & cloud integrator Ctac (Euronext Amsterdam: CTAC). Vivare uses Fit4Woco, which is offered as a cloud service, to optimise its business processes and workflows – such as customer contact, rental, real estate, development, maintenance, procurement and financial administration – so that it can excel in its provision of services.

Evolution into a process- and data-oriented organisation
Vivare and Ctac have been working together as partners for some time now. As a housing corporation, Vivare wants to offer everyone a home in an affordable and suitable rental property, both now and in the future. To achieve this goal, the organisation must be able to respond to the developments and challenges in its environment. That is why, in recent years, it has evolved from an organisation focused on activities into a customer-led efficient process- and data-oriented organisation. This also required a change in the way the business was run in terms of efficiency. Ctac developed Fit4Woco based on its knowledge of the housing corporation market. This gave Vivare a great deal of confidence in this standard solution.

Henny Hilgerdenaar, Ctac CEO: "First of all, we used a fit-gap analysis to determine the extent of the match between Vivare and the standard Fit4Woco. We also looked at ways to improve efficiency for Vivare. This is why, for example, Fit4Woco's project management module is directly integrated into the financial records for the benefit of the real estate management department. Implementation then started while business continued as usual. Vivare had its successful go-live on 1 January."

Communication with tenants and chain partners
Ctac supports Vivare's entire service through Fit4Woco – from the customer contact centre to the Finance department and other back office departments. Communication with tenants and chain partners is also included. Tenants will soon be able to deal with service requests or payment arrangements directly themselves in an accessible, modern way – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Eric Angenent, Vivare CEO: "We're scalable and agile thanks to Fit4Woco. We use the standard equipment and can quickly adopt any innovative changes that may arise in the future. In view of all developments in the housing corporation sector and society at large, this is essential. Examples include digitalisation and tenants becoming more empowered and demanding and changing laws and regulations. We can also quickly switch modules on or off as required thanks to its modular nature. With Fit4Woco, we can continue to offer our customers good service both now and in the future."

The solution's future users were also closely involved in the implementation project. Angenent: "There was clear collaboration between Ctac and our own people. Along with Information Management staff, employees from the Customer, Property Management, Finance and P&O departments were involved from the start. During the implementation phase, a great deal of attention was given to effective user adoption, and we can see that now after the go-live. Users can find answers to their questions quickly, easily and within the relevant context in Fit4Woco itself, e.g. by means of a search engine, training courses, work instructions and how-to videos. This helps them learn to do their work quickly and efficiently."

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